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Denali Group takes an in-depth look at how best-in-class organizations are managing the changing talent landscape in Part IV of its Procurement Innovation series.

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This whitepaper discusses how your organization can improve bid submissions and event outcomes with information from the supplier's perspective. This paper presents information gathered from...

Caesars Entertainment Corporation | Denali Group

Faced with a myriad of complex challenges, today’s Procurement executives continue to transform their groups into high-value...

Getting closer to your stakeholders, driving innovation in procurement, the new operating model

After attending many Procurement conferences, Denali Group team members keep hearing the same question over and over again: "How can Procurement executives secure their seat at the ‘table’ and...

In this whitepaper, Denali Group presents research on an often overlooked, yet important, aspect of eSourcing: the supplier’s perspective.

Overview of cost-cutting opportunities available for a company’s telecom.

Review of the impact of the financial meltdown on the energy, metals, resins, chemicals, and labor markets.

Brief overview of the opportunities and risks of sourcing in today’s down economy.