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Over the last few decades, Australia has experienced a resources boom and enjoyed increased investment in public infrastructure and resources infrastructure. This has attracted interest from...

We sent a standard questionnaire to our global customer/buy-side contact list which included a list of factors causing loss of value. Respondents were asked to rate each factor from 1, being the...

Includes sections on Interpretation, Agreement Structure, Scope of Services, Transition & Operation, Managed and Assigned Agreements, Service Levels, Payment Terms, Benchmarking, Compliance...

This presentation provides an overview of next generation sourcing and includes discussion topics such as driving value, commodity value proposition, shifting the commodity curve, using the...

Focus of Discussion
1. Definition transformational transaction
2. Take-aways
3. Look at the curve
​4. Questions

Emerging from the worst economic conditions in decades, many organizations are redefining the way they do business. Increasing pressure to deliver value in new ways is changing sourcing in...

In this whitepaper, Denali Group presents research on an often overlooked, yet important, aspect of eSourcing: the supplier’s perspective.

1. The Extended Supply Chain
2. Operational Risks in the Extended Supply Chain
3. Legal Risks in the Extended Supply Chain
4. Tools for Identifying Risks: A Case...

Article on risk management issues to consider when offshoring - includes specifics on legal offshoring.