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Focus of Discussion
1. Definition transformational transaction
2. Take-aways
3. Look at the curve
​4. Questions

Emerging from the worst economic conditions in decades, many organizations are redefining the way they do business. Increasing pressure to deliver value in new ways is changing sourcing in...

1. The Extended Supply Chain
2. Operational Risks in the Extended Supply Chain
3. Legal Risks in the Extended Supply Chain
4. Tools for Identifying Risks: A Case...

Article on risk management issues to consider when offshoring - includes specifics on legal offshoring.

This presentation reviews EIGHT main issues related to
Engineering outsourcing / off shoring:
1. Market demand and supply
2. Top reasons and rationale
3. Business models...

Employment considerations for US and UK including immigration/visas.

Presentation on how to govern and manage your outsourcing relationships and deal with potential issues.

Operating in the cloud is no longer a theoretical concept. It is standard protocol and comes with complexities and issues. But you can maximize your efficiency in resolving next generation issues...

Cloud contracts continue to present issues and risks. This session provided the perspectives of both buyers and suppliers on negotiating cloud contracts based on an annual survey. Presenters...

Enterprises are increasingly contracting with offshore providers to procure and deploy cloud based offerings in their IT environments. This allows them to reap significant potential benefits such...