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Why Benchmarking doesn't apply to Outsourcing (Example: IT Outsourcing).

From the 2012 Emerging Markets Research Group Summit, Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd describes the three pillars of customer experience, how to gather greater insight into customer needs,...

Asia Sourcing Overview...

SunGard Data Systems, Inc. | Alsbridge, Inc.

SunGard Financial Systems had continued to expand its EMEA and Asia/Pacific operations through strategic acquisitions and was...

HealthNet | SAP

Two and a half years ago HealthNet presented at SIG about the business case for procurement transformation. Today, that holistic transformation has been by and...

Typically organizations have three areas of focus in evaluating and then deploying contract lifecycle management (CLM) software solutions: contract visibility, contract creation/authoring and...

Table of Contents:
• Context - Need for change
• SaaS

– What is it?
– Business case
– Hybrid Model (Initial)
– Hybrid Model (Final...

Presentation discussing survey results about offshoring.

Impacts on Outsourcing From Today’s Economic Environment, Customer Tools and Levers, Governance to Maintain Alignment, Restrictions and Barriers, Existing vs. New Deals

This presentation is about Tax and Legal issues in Global sourcing, identifying non recoverable taxes, local invoicing, off shoring key concerns, privacy and data protection.