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There is an on-going challenge in ensuring that Sourcing/Procurement Professionals are adequately skilled and have the required competencies to meet their unit’s mission and objectives. Typically...

Why and what should be renegotiated, steps in renegotiation process, factors in a successful negotiation.

Rebooting After the
Excess Era:
Prospering in the Less-is-More Era.

A legal perspective on IT issues and concerns when outsourcing.

A presentation covering the ladder of commitment and how to build trust among sourcing and outsourcing partnerships.

This is an overview of Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

Industry Staffing Challenges

- Today's Employment Demographics and Staffing Forecasts

- What This Means for Sourcing/Outsourcing Organizations

- Key Steps for...

Process improvement drives opportunity, this presentation is about recap of the Regions journey about its people, process, risk and technology, Case study on LOB engagement, benefits and results...