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Automation and Everything After: What the Cognitive Revolution Means for Outsourcing and Business by Jamie Liddell, Editor, Outsource

Services Procurement - Making Sure You Are Getting What You Paid For! by Paul Gartland, Executive Director of Services Procurement, Allegis Global Solutions

Transformative Procurement Outsourcing: Lessons learned from procurement and accounts payable outsourcing….and tips for success! by James Cay, Managing Director, The Bank of New York Mellon

Procurement\'s Role in the Future of Talent Management: How to Hire, Engage and Retain Sourcing Talent with an Inter-Generational Workforce, John Powell, Manager Global Memberships, SIG

Gaining Organizational Traction by Broadening Procurement's Partnerships by Quave Burton, Vice President Global Expense Management and Services, Abercrombie & Fitch

Allie Ben-Shlomo, COO and EVP of Client Services, PRO Unlimited ...

Kimball Norup, SVP Marketing & Alliances, Synergy Services

Maureen Ehrenberg, Executive Managing Director, Integrated Facilities Management, JLL ...

This presentation from Vantage Partners provides recommendations for assessing and developing talent for your sourcing and supply chain organizations.

Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) have one of the more challenging and interesting jobs in the corporate world. They are called upon to manage vast supply chains and service chains, assure...