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Includes the benefits, a toolkit, tips for supporting and sustaining the process. Also includes details on benchmarking.

Includes a methodology for classifying providers as well as a matrix for ranking.

Original Source:  School of Computer Science - Carnegie Mellon University from the course on Advanced AI concepts / Fundamentals of AI for Robotics 2004

"Decision Trees

Andrew W....

Original Source:  Boundless Marketing


List the GAP Model's five contributory factors of unsuccessful customer service


GAP 1: Gap between...

The purpose of the gap analysis is to provide project teams with a format in which to do the following: Compare the best practices with the processes currently in place in your organization,...

Original Source:  Small Business - 

"Purchasing procedures under ISO 9001 ensure that purchased materials meet the requirements of the purchaser and the final customers. Companies...

Original Source:  Community Tool Box

"Learn how to conduct a SWOT Analysis to identify situational strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats.


Lists the five features that make it practically useful in today's highly competitive, global context, rapidly changing business environment. Also includes a template for the situation analysis...

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