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Original Source: Morgan Franklin Consulting

Examines why companies should adopt data-driven policies.

Original Source: By David Howard 

A User's Guide to SPC

Original Source:  Virginia Tech Digital Libraries and Archives 

"This paper presents some of the most important findings of studies of the impact of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certifications on...

Resource Origin: Procurement Sense

"Procurement’s importance as a key business process has increased significantly in recent times. Originally, procurement was started as a means to...

Resource Origin:  Tutorial Reports

"With time, every industry starts following certain best practices as it develops and matures. The best practices followed in the BPO industry include:...

Original Source:  Supply Chain 247

"So what does it take to get ready for even the toughest adversaries? Here are seven techniques that top supply management negotiators put into action—...

Resource Origin: Kezner, H. via

"The bestselling project management text for students and professionals—now updated and expanded

This Eleventh Edition of the bestselling...