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A sample RFP for an Office Supplies provider.

This document can be used as a template to define business objectives for a project.

A document that can be used as a template for conducting supplier site visits.

A detailed template to use in an RFP for suppliers to provide full details on their company information.

Insurance-related clauses of relevance.

Use this template as a guide/questionnaire for your Sourcing Team to ask during an interview with references.

A sample standard internal e-mail notifying internal employees that a single RFP or multiple RFP’s have been issued.

Interviewers can use this sample guide to guide them through the interview process and includes a sample set of questions to ask.

This is a sample communication that can be used to reach out to an internal resources to set up an interview identifying the activities they perform.

Use this template as a Supplier Questionnaire for suppliers to provide candid feedback regarding areas of improvement to the buying organization in order to reduce costs and improve supplier...