Exploring the Capabilities of an Interconnected World w/ Kazu Gomi

Dec 12 2018

Kazu Gomi, CEO of NTT America, ranks as the 4th largest telecommunication company in the world.

We learn the breadth and depth of NTT’s capabilities, from system integration, (they acquired Dell Services a few years ago) and are also one of the largest security companies in North America. Additionally, Dimensions Data provides system integration and NTT Data provides infrastructure. Within NTT they can provide the full stack of services for any enterprise IT solution. Another impressive note is that they are one of the largest carriers of internet traffic in the world.  They are one of the top 4 providers of internet traffic.

As a leader, Kazu emphasizes his lifelong interest in technology and always believed, as he does still, that technology will change the world. He brings this insatiable interest to work every day to motivate people to embrace change.