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Coronavirus – Beyond Hand Sanitizer: Mitigating Business Impact and Uncovering the Positive

Hand sanitizer – check. Revised travel policies – check. Work-from-home plan – check.

You’ve got the basics down. Now it’s time to make a strategic business plan for the next few months and beyond – when the current situation is in our rearview mirror.

In this webinar replay and deck, leading analysts from across Everest Group’s practices discussed ways you can minimize impact to business operations in the immediate and mid-term, and how you can position yourself to uncover potential opportunities in the future. The webinar offered a 360-degree view of the business implications and specific actions and frameworks you can deploy this quarter, next quarter, and the quarter beyond.

This session/deck provides valuable insights from our expert analysis, including answers to questions such as:

  • How do you assess the immediate impact on the supply base?
  • How can you find the cost savings you’re being asked for?
  • How do you reorganize resources and processes to maintain delivery in the mid-term, and how do you build in contracting flexibility/agility to address unexpected capacity variations?
  • Given the current and expected economic impact, do you renegotiate pricing … and how?


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