SIG and Everest Group have partnered to provide SIG members with insights and analysis to help them capture greater value from their contracts and provider relationships.

SIG members gain practical knowledge from the insights our research leaders offer in session presentations at Regional SIGnature Events and Global Summits, including findings from Pinnacle Model™ studies – proprietary research that identifies and details what the best, or Pinnacle, enterprises are doing to achieve exceptional outcomes through their sourcing strategies. These sessions share practices you can take back and put into practice to accelerate time to value.

We invite SIG members to participate in our Pinnacle Model studies and, in return, receive exclusive executive summaries.


Strategic Outsourcing & Vendor Management Membership

Helping category managers, vendor managers, and business leaders unlock value from outsourcing

SIG members receive a 15% discount on Everest Group’s Strategic Outsourcing & Vendor Management Membership.

Please contact Alan Wolfe, Senior Vice President, Everest Group, for details.


Comprehensive live deal pricing insights to help you track trends, manage your transactions, and negotiate optimized contracts

Pinnacle Model™

Pinnacle Model analyses quantify performance and identify the leading organizations’ outcomes and capabilities; these peer-to-peer studies enable you to assess your strategic outsourcing and benchmark against peers

PEAK Matrix™

Head-to-head evaluation of service providers’ market impact, vision, and capability that provides the insights you need to make critical selection decisions about providers, products, and solutions

Industry Expertise

Our industry-specific insights help you to make the right decisions across sourcing models and locations