CPO Meet and Eat

The CPO Meet & Eat program was piloted in 2016 with great success. This event is a three-hour breakfast or dinner meeting with CPO-only level delegates. 

The event kicks off with a welcome and introduction, followed by a CPO or another senior executive keynote presentation. The session then offers a “day in the life” open dialogue discussions by two additional CPOs. By sharing their daily happenings, issues and activities, these two ad hoc discussions trigger conversations amongst the other CPOs in the room. The event concludes with an open discussion session that is facilitated by the sponsor and SIG. This portion of the day focuses on current events locally, nationally and globally, and allows CPOs to seek input from the group on their own top-of-mind issues. By keeping this meeting very high level, CPOs are better able to share and network with each other.


8:00 AM Welcome and Introductions
8:15 AM CPO Keynote Presentations
9:00 AM “A Day in the Life as a CPO” (Two CPOs tell their stories)
9:30 AM

Roundtable Discussion

  • What discussion items are top of mind?
  • What current projects are you working on?
  • What local, regional and global issues are your organizations facing today?
  • What best practices and key changes in the industry will be useful moving forward?
10:45 AM Closing Comments
11:00 AM Adjourn

2018 CPO Meet & Eat Sponsors