Provider/Advisor Code of Conduct

One of the basic tenets of SIG is to create an environment that fosters networking, relationship building and the exchange of information. SIG is unique in its approach by bringing together buyers and sellers from the same marketplace in a non-commercial environment. SIG’s collegial, non-commercial environment has been referenced as a quality differentiator that encourages open discussions as a basis for building long-lasting business relationships. Members have an ability to showcase thought leadership, demonstrate subject matter expertise and build relationships without any pressure to buy or to sell.

In order to maintain SIG’s collegial atmosphere, SIG Provider/Advisor (“Provider”) members must review and acknowledge the terms of the SIG Code of Conduct to ensure that there is no misunderstanding with regards to expectations.

  • Provider members may not actively sell at SIG events or with any SIG members, unless an express request has been made by the user member, asking for specific information about the Provider member’s product/service. The only exception to this is during the Summit Speed Networking session, when participants are encouraged to share information about their company and their role
  • Distribution of sales or promotional materials in any form at SIG events (live and/or virtual) or following sponsorship of any SIG event is strictly prohibited
  • Submission of sales-oriented materials for the SIG website, SIG social media properties or SIG publications is not allowed
  • Presentations for any SIG event should contain no more than one slide that describes a provider’s capabilities, products, services, references, accomplishments, sales messages, geographic presence or any other facts or statistics not specifically related to the presentation topic
  • Presentations should include one contact slide at the end of a presentation so members can follow up with specific questions
  • Copies of slides, whitepapers and research documents are allowed to be displayed at the Summit and other SIG events for delegates to pick up if they are relevant to the membership, and only after they have been approved by a member of the SIG staff
  • Provider members may not monopolize any one delegate’s time at a SIG event
  • Provider members may exchange business cards with buy-side members when invited to do so and may directly contact that individual member to follow up on any request expressly made by the buy-side member
  • When the primary SIG contact changes within the provider organization, the outgoing or incoming contact must provide SIG with current primary contact details so they too can review and acknowledge the Provider Code of Conduct
  • Provider members may not take delegates away from SIG meals or events, regardless of whether or not they are a client of provider member. Any onsite or offsite activities between provider members and any other delegates must be done after SIG-sanctioned events

It is the responsibility of the primary contact at the provider member company to monitor their attendees during the Summit, both onsite and offsite, as well as at any SIGnature event or any other SIG-hosted live or virtual event. Failure to abide by the Provider Code of Conduct may result in cancellation of membership privileges based solely upon the discretion of the SIG Executive Team. If you have any questions about this Code of Conduct, please contact Ali Music, SIG Provider Advocate at or 904.414.3985 or Geoff Talbot, Vice President of Member Services at or 925.922.0552.