Breakout 7: Global Trends in eAuctions: Services as an Emerging Category

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 14:30

Globally, services spend is now the leading category for eAuctions, resulting in an average cost savings of 14.77%. Yet, category managers, sourcing executives and suppliers continue to resist adopting this proven methodology.

This session will seek to understand the drivers to that reluctance as well as provide practical steps for conducting eAuctions. Our expert panel will seek to answer these questions:

  • Why aren't more North American companies performing eAuctions as a sourcing strategy for services spend?
  • Is there a cultural resistance?
  • Is there a stigma?
  • How can we overcome knowledge deficiencies with best practices and case studies?
  • How do we "get to WE" and apply Kate Vitasek's Vested Sourcing approach and partner with services suppliers for the most optimal strategy?

Attendees will take away a new approach towards on overlooked category. Sourcing organizations implementing eAuctions can expect increased visibility and efficiency, in addition to cost savings.

This session should be attended by CPOs championing this proven approach, and all stakeholders including those in a Category Manager role who are tasked with designing and managing eAuctions.

  • You will learn: How to reduce costs in your Services Spend Category
  • How to set up and run a successful eAuction for Services
  • How to gain visibility into both your team and Supply Chain
  • How to be a hero with a new approach to an old dilemma

Lifecycle Phase: Optimization

John Fafian

Head of Strategy and Sourcing

John Fafian leads the Sourcing Strategy and Negotiation team at PwC, where he is responsible for $4 billion in annual spend. John has extensive technology and non-technology sourcing experience including infrastructure, application development and business process outsourcing on an onshore, nearshore, and offshore basis. Prior to joining PwC, John held a variety of executive sourcing positions in financial services and industry, including Morgan Stanley, Arrow Electronics and Credit Suisse First Boston. John is also a frequent lecturer on a broad range of areas related to sourcing and outsourcing. 

Amanda Morrison

Director of Sourcing Services
Scanmarket North America

Amanda Morrison is the Director of Sourcing Services at Scanmarket. With almost 10 years with Scanmarket, Amanda has helped deliver an easy-to-use sourcing platform and grow the North America footprint with clients. From implementation to consultancy services, she assists Scanmarket users with her 14+ years of software and procurement knowledge. Amanda’s main focus is helping clients streamline their processes to be more efficient and effective, and in-turn it creates more throughput and savings.

John Powell

Senior eSourcing Executive

John Powell is a Senior eSourcing Executive at Scanmarket. John has 21 years of sales and sales management experience with companies both large and small, but most recently with SIG (Sourcing Industry Group) where he served as the VP of Membership Development for over 5 years. He brings specific expertise in the financial services and mortgage industries with the past 6 years focused on procurement solutions and innovation. Prior to SIG, John managed a team of 30+ Account Executives for Citibank. John has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Edinboro University. 

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