Breakout 25: Sourcing and Procurement Success for Startups: Low Effort for Large Savings

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 13:30

Is your company wasting money due to poor contracts, low buying power and not enough procurement staff to improve this reality? There is a better way. No budget or time to increase the size of your procurement staff, multiply the knowledge of your current procurement expertise by turning them into internal consultants who teach and empower each of your associates. A few quick process changes and a new attitude can drastically improve your bottom line!

You will learn:

  • Why traditional Procurement programs fail in a startup company
  • How small changes in process result in frequent savings
  • How to set a realistic roadmap for your company procurement plan
  • Proof that your company needs a procurement program in just FOUR emails

Lifecycle Phase: Initiation

Lud Hrovat

Director of Procurement

Lud Hrovat is the Head of Procurement at Welltok, Inc, a leading Consumer Activation Company. Prior to Welltok, Lud has led global sourcing and procurement teams at Cognizant Technology Solutions and The Trizetto Group. Lud is passionately focused on driving automation and efficiency in procurement systems, processes and inter-organizational relationships to enable amazing results. As a proven procurement leader in driving quick results in Startup to Fortune 500 alike, Lud is always eager to provide insight and ideas to other professionals in need. 

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