Breakout 22: Workplace Diversity and the Contingent Workforce: What You Can Do Now

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 12:30

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a critical area of focus in today’s world and nowhere more than in the workplace. Organizations understand that effectively managing workplace diversity will give them a competitive advantage in recruiting talent and in all other aspects of their business.

Forward-thinking companies are extending their diversity initiatives to the non-employee workforce, creating opportunities and challenges for their contingent workforce program managers. In this presentation, Beeline will discuss what you should do in order to respond to your company's D&I initiatives - or to develop a contingent workforce D&I initiative yourself.

Get ahead of the D&I curve. Join our interactive discussion.


Brian Hoffmeyer

SVP Market Strategies

As Senior Vice President, Market Strategies for Beeline, Brian Hoffmeyer is responsible for our global partner ecosystem and ensures that all parties benefit from these highly strategic partnerships. As member of the Beeline strategy team Brian guides new product and market development activities. He is the eyes, ears, and voice of the company to the markets we serve. He listens to clients, prospects, analysts, and partners, and then works to incorporate their feedback into the organization’s brand and products. A Certified Contingent Workforce Management Professional (CCWP) with more than 15-years in the industry, Brian is passionate about helping clients, partners, and suppliers use the world’s most advanced and comprehensive contingent management and services procurement solutions to achieve their strategic business goals.

Jameel Mayers

Sr Project Manager

Jameel has been with Beeline since 2018 and has been in the Recruiting, Staffing and Vendor Management industry for over 15 years. Starting with key partner companies,  focusing on recruiting and management, he quickly became a leader in Operations and Project Management, which allowed for a smooth transition to the VMS / MSP world where he has focused on deploying projects domestically and internationally for small, medium, and large clients in key markets. Focused on the milestones and driving performance to remain within schedules and budge, Jameel has experience dealing with standard-to-complex projects and teams ensuring delivery meets or exceeds expectations.

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