Breakout 18: Transacting Critical Direct Spend

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 13:30

Air Methods Corporation (AMC) and Hackett present Air Methods' journey with Coupa in 2019. With nearly 40 years of air medical experience, Air Methods is the leading air medical service, delivering lifesaving care to more than 70,000 people every year. We will review the key process and technology changes during the implementation as well as the integration challenges associated mission-critical direct purchases. We will also explore the unique efforts required to update manual operations and improve highly disparate data systems. Finally, we will highlight how Coupa was an important catalyst for substantial change from highly manual processes to automation.

You will learn:

  • Direct Spend Integrations: Balancing against delivery risks for mission critical equipment
  • Master Data Management: More strategic approach to improve, organize and cleanse master data
  • Change Management: Moved from highly manual to automation

Lifecycle Phase: Initiation

Mike Kingzett

Senior Director, Business Transformation
Air Methods

Mike Kingzett is Senior Director, Business Transformation at Air Methods Corporation, the leading air medical provider delivering lifesaving care to more than 70,000 people every year. Mike is responsible for developing and executing performance improvement programs that deliver bottom-line results. He architected, secured board approval, and implemented a successful Source-to-Pay transformation which included the implementation of Coupa. 

Mike has 25 years of experience leading teams in manufacturing, service, and retail companies in driving procurement and supply chain excellence. He will discuss: 

  • Pre-Coupa operational complexities (e.g., data, processes, organization structure) and inefficiencies
  • Implementation successes and change management challenges
  • Ongoing post-Coupa transformation

Jeff Gibbons

The Hackett Group

Jeff Gibbons is a Principal, Source-to-Pay Transformation at The Hackett Group, a leading global transformation firm and systems implementer. Jeff served as the Hackett Principal during Air Methods’ source-to-pay transformation and Coupa implementation. 

Jeff is based in Los Angeles with 15+ years of consulting experience, primarily focused on identifying and implementing measurable operational improvements. He will discuss: 

  • Key Hackett learnings during the implementation 
  • Direct spend integration successes and design considerations (unique requirements, process changes) 
  • Transformation guidance to move toward long-term program success
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