Breakout 15: From Crisis to Purpose: Elevating Climate Action in the Supply Chain

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 12:30

Stakeholder demands for action on climate change are peaking in every industry. CEOs are committing to Science Based Targets, UN-Global-compact, and much more. Companies cannot achieve the reductions without including their value chains, putting procurement in the spotlight. And yet, the 2020 Business Sustainability and Performance Index shows a massive shortfall in suppliers reporting on carbon. Urgent action is needed. Join this session to learn about the coming wave of "Scope 3" emissions reduction demands, what will be expected of procurement, and the key steps in a carbon action plan for the supply chain.

You will learn:

  • The three phases of a carbon reduction action plan for the supply chain
  • Key stats on the scope of the opportunity and the challenge faced with SME suppliers
  • Why supply chain engagement is essential for driving actual improvements
  • Procurement's vital role to bridge the gap between predictive insights and planet-saving action!

Lifecycle Phase: Initiation

David McClintock

Director of Marketing

David McClintock is the Marketing Director for EcoVadis. David has a strong passion for bringing complex technologies to productive, everyday use. Before joining EcoVadis in 2014, David was co-founder and CMO at Xform Computing, a cloud computing and mobile apps startup. Prior to that he was VP Marketing at, and Director of Product Management at Callwave, Inc., both in VoIP-related technology and services. David holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.

Hannah Roberts

CSR & Sustainability Analyst

Hannah Roberts is a Sustainability Analyst at EcoVadis. Hannah is dedicated to creating more equitable and sustainable supply chains globally. Prior to joining EcoVadis, she worked as a responsible business and policy consultant, including projects with the OECD, BetterWork, and KPMG. Hannah holds a master's degree in Environmental Policy and Management from Columbia University.

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