Breakout 11: Beyond 2020 Vision: Focusing through the Right Operational Efficiency Lens

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 15:30

The pandemic is causing several other macro-fragilities to come to the foreground. Organizations are asking:

  • Are my teams productive?
  • Are my vendors reporting accurate effort outputs?
  • Are my vendors dealing with the same lack of visibility challenges with their teams as much as I am?

In coping with the COVID-19 crisis, many management "science" experiments have arisen by accident or necessity, which are not typically sanctioned. The new and precious insights are proving to be an impressive competitive advantage leading a few, well-equipped enterprises into the 2020s. These operational and workforce challenges have created a unique compound crisis that will result in strategy resets for many industries. Sourcing, procurement and vendor management (SPVM) leaders will be at the core of this shift and will require accurate data to reshape the business deep into the next decade.

You will learn:

  • How to expose an adverse COVID-19 side-effect: Outsourcing2 or Double-Outsourcing
  • How clients and vendors alike are plagued with manually reporting efforts
  • How leading BFSI companies leverage the right Lens into workforce visibility challenges
  • How leading IT software and services companies leverage the right lens into productivity challenges

Lifecycle Phase: Optimization

Richard Reep

VP, Business Development
Sapience Analytics

Richard leverages over 12 years of experience in building and delivering value driven solutions for enterprise customers. He has in depth knowledge of global account management, business development, sales, and marketing and has held leadership positions at prominent telecommunications and enterprise software organizations. For Sapience Analytics, Richard has been an integral part of the company’s US foothold and expansion where he has helped multiple key enterprise accounts achieve double-digit cost savings, improved workforce productivity, and increased operational efficiencies while keeping employee privacy as a cornerstone.

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