Breakout 06 - Stepping Up Your Vendor Contracting Process Strategy

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 13:00

When your procurement team is being tested on agility and efficiency, and does not have an early enough time to respond to supply chain disruption or strategic events, then you know it is time to step up your vendor contracting process strategy. This breakout session will tackle outdated workflows and dive into the metrics that procurement teams in 2021 are focusing on to measure their teams' success. Join DocuSign's resident expert Stuart Brock, who will cover the top do's and don'ts of vendor contracting and what a connected vendor contract workflow looks like.

You will learn:

  • The top action procurement teams took in response to COVID-19 disruption
  • The #1 barrier to taking full advantage of your current technology
  • Top procurement team success metrics in 2021


Stuart Brock

Senior Agreement Cloud Strategy Director

Stuart Brock is a Director at DoucSign where he helps lead DoucSign's financial services programs. He is a licensed attorney who practiced law at a top national firm for some 10 years before moving in-house at Bank of America. During his tenure with Bank of America. During his tenure with Bank of America, Stuart held various roles within the Legal, Compliance and Procurement organizations.

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