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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…and Then Some

Everyone can distinguish between a good presenter and a poor presenter...

  • Do they read their slides or speak from their heart?
  • Do they engage the audience or put them to sleep?
  • Do they speak with passion or are they having a hard time speaking at all?
  • Do they look at their audience or are they too busy looking at their notes?

...but fewer people actually think about the fact that the slides someone presents can be equally important. Really good public speakers often have no slides at all…or their slides show pictures that help them tell a story. But most people aren’t comfortable without a crutch, so they err on the side of putting too much information on the page, hoping their audience equates good speaking with a high word count. There is a happy medium—a nirvana for the average presenter that provides them with the cues they need, without all the eyesore charts, graphs, colors and dense bullets. Keeping a few pointers in mind, everyone can step up their game…which frankly will make it easier on all of us, especially those that are trying to focus more on what you are saying and less on how you are presenting it.

Insight #1 – If you have to apologize for the amount of information on the page, you have too much information on the page. Any presenter that starts to speak about a slide by saying “I know this is hard to read but…” has already lost his audience who is now focusing more on figuring out what is on the slide. A good rule of thumb is to consider how the presentation is being delivered. If it’s a leave-behind and not something you are actually presenting, the detail may be necessary. But if you are formally presenting the information using an overhead screen, LESS IS MORE.

Sarah Holliman, Vice President of Marketing, SIG

The Dawn of a New Era

If you are reading this blog, then you already know that a new day has dawned at SIG...and no, we don't mean there is a new Dawn or that Dawn Evans is making any changes...only that SIG is moving forward. After a year of planning, designing, programming, testing, fixing, redesigning, reprogramming, retesting and reorganizing, we have finally launched a new website! We are so excited to share this site with you. We hope you find the site easier to use…and the information you are seeking, easier to find. We’d like to point out some new features so you can maximize your time visiting the SIG website:

Calendar of Events - Want to plan ahead and make sure you can attend the next Summit or see if there are any events coming to a city near you? Our full calendar is on the home page of the website. Click on the blue links on the calendar for more information or to register. We even have all the Summit dates listed through 2017, so you have no excuses for not attending!

Sneak Peek: Peer2Peer - Our Peer2Peer (P2P) resource is one of our most popular ways to share best practices and learn from one another...and we’ve made it even easier for our members! Log in and post a question in any of the categories listed to open a dialogue directly…or if you’d rather do it "the old-fashioned way," complete a form and we’ll send an email out for you.

The Spotlight - We love this! In this area, we are highlighting recent and/or relevant white papers that are in our SIG Resource Center (SRC), compliments of our provider members. Click on the arrows or dots at the top to see the three we are featuring this month and download them for more details! Industry News - Each week we'll be updating this section with some of the hot articles trending in the space. Check in frequently for the latest news in sourcing or outsourcing OR relevant articles about one of our member companies.

Sarah Holliman, Vice President of Marketing, SIG

Pack the House with a Powerful Presentation

A few months before every SIG Summit, I start to think about the presentations and wonder what this Summit's hot topics will be. Is talent management still top of mind? Have thoughts on governance changed? I look forward to getting a sneak peek at the shifts in the industry, but get even more jazzed to hear from new speakers. A great speaker can make even the most mundane topic interesting, and by contrast, a poor speaker can wreak havoc on a hot topic. Have you ever sat in a session and thought about how quickly you can make a graceful exodus without people noticing? A steady stream of people exiting stage left is a telltale sign that the speaker is not capturing the audience. So as you prepare for the SIG Summit, or any other presentation, keep this "top 10" list in mind:

Sarah Holliman, Vice President of Marketing, SIG