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Recap of February CPO & Executive Virtual Series

chief procurement officer

Recently, SIG had the pleasure of hosting ProcureAbility experts David Latten of Logitech, Chris Shaffer of EyeCare Partners and Adrian Dragomir of REI for the December CPO & Executive Virtual Series. It was a very engaging discussion with many thought-provoking takeaways. Let's get into it!

David Latten, Head of Procurement and Supplier Diversity & Equality at Logitech International, opened the day by discussing his organization's supplier diversity initiatives. Logitech refreshed the program in 2020 and has since expanded exponentially. For example, previously, Logitech had no Black-owned businesses within its supply chain. and have since vastly grown their vendor base to include more diverse suppliers. Logitech has a goal of having a world-class supplier diversity program in place by 2026. As he stated, " Logitech's core value is equality, and your suppliers should reflect that".

Adrian Dragomir, Head of Procurement at REI Inc., was next to present as he looked at how layoffs have affected his team, the challenges of balancing the new players in the company and how to interact with them. Adrian's approach is to let partners know that they exist to help you, not here to do your job. He then discussed how his team is now like "wolves on prey" after adjusting to the changes. Finally, he explained why it is important to take into consideration all aspects of a company when making decisions related to staffing and personnel changes. When it comes to talent, Adrian says the most important thing for his team members is to get the job done. 

Chris Shaffer, Sr. Director Procurement, Facilities & Biomedical Support at EyeCare Partners, closed the discussion by outlining his team's goals for 2023. He listed them out as:

Desmond Williams, Digital Marketing Manager

BREAKING NEWS: Grocery conduct code coming in 2023?

Grocery conduct code

“The Grocery Code of Conduct is a significant step toward improving the resiliency and efficiency of the grocery supply chain. The primary objective is not to directly rebalance market power, regulate fair dealing, or set the level of retail fees, but rather to improve supply chain relationships through principles of predictability, transparency and fair dealing.” – DH Canada (January 17, 2023)

It wasn't that long ago that I wrote an article regarding the largest Canadian grocer – Loblaws, and their headline-grabbing stare-down price dispute with the global brand Frito-Lay. Here is the link to that post titled The Inflated Supply Chain: How To Navigate The Complexity Of Doing Business During A Period Of Rising Inflation.

The primary focus of the piece was – as the article’s title suggests, understanding the impact of inflation on supply chains. However, beyond the big picture story in which inflation takes center stage, there is an underlying theme. The theme I refer to is how buyer-supplier relationships affect inflation and other supply chain disruptions.

The buyer-supplier relationship's impact on inflation, not the other way around, is not a typo. As the age-old saying goes, it is not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters.

High-Level Overview

For the sake of expedience, the following high-level bullet points should provide a solid understanding of the Loblaws and Frito-Lay situation at the time and the government’s intervention to resolve the dispute. This overview will help you better understand why the government is introducing the grocery conduct code.

Dawn Tiura, President and CEO, SIG

What is Important For Me In a Supplier Relationship

Image of Supplier Relationship Management

SIG University Certified Supplier Management Professional (CSMP) program graduate Andy Peksa shares what he finds as the most important aspects of a supplier relationship and how they may be able to help you in your role.

Andy Peksa, Senior Buyer-Procurement Ops, T. Rowe Price

A Focus on the Category Management Plan

Image of Category Management

SIG University Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program graduate Devendra Pathak shares how the focus on Category Management can help your organization grow with his very own with a step by step model.

Category management is one of the areas in which I should focus on my organization. 

After the category management session, I understood the importance of category management. A category plan has two main aspects, category analysis, and category planning. However, before starting to work on any category plan, I would like to understand the category maturity. It will give me a real picture of the category and areas where we should be more focused. Once I study the category maturity in terms of spending and contracts, I will then work on the category plan.

Category analysis where I will study the following,

  • Global industry trends,
  • Spend analysis
  • Demand & supply dynamics
  • Porter’s five forces

Global Industry Trend- This is all about the latest trend in the category across all regions. What is the new commodity which has the highest demand globally and where we have less demand due to technological change or updates?

Spend Analysis- I can say that spend analysis is the heart of category management. It has a major role in developing a sourcing strategy. I will analyze category spending to understand the top 10 sub-categories then the top 10 suppliers and top 10 commodities where we have the highest spending in the category.

Devendra Pathak, Senior Procurement Analyst, CDK Global LLC

Opportunity Assessment and Sourcing Project Flow

Image of Sourcing Model

SIG University Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program graduate Shridhar Kundaram shares his perspective on a four-step sourcing process that can help take your sourcing team to the next level.

Sourcing is a process that involves finding, selecting, evaluating, and managing suppliers for day-to-day and long-term purposes for goods and services needed in the organization/company. Sourcing will succeed if it has executive leadership support, collaboration with stakeholders, robust control of spending and policies, automation, and an approach clearly defined for categories. Sourcing involves four significant steps AssessAnalyzeExecute and Evaluate.


Shridhar Kundaram, Senior Analyst, CDK Global India Pvt Ltd.

Expanding Your Own Third-Party Risk Team

Image of Third-Party Risk Management

SIG University Certified Third-Party Risk Management Professional (C3PRMP) program graduate Kyle Smith discusses the benefits of a strong third-party risk management team and what it can do for your organization.

Kyle Smith, Sourcing Specialist, Florida Blue

Implementing Automation in Your Own Business

Image of Efficient Automation

SIG University Certified Intelligent Automation Professional (CIAP) program graduate Josh Millman discusses how automation processes have helped his organization and what they can do for yours.

Josh Millman, a Jr. Salesforce Administrator, Sourcing Industry Group

Crucial Aspects for Building your Third-Party Risk Team

Image of Third-Party risk

SIG University Certified Third-Party Risk Management Professional (C3PRMP) program graduate Jonathan Purdon discusses the vital aspects to add to your risk management framework and the best practices for creating a risk culture.

Jonathan Purdon, Sr. Business Analyst, ATB Financial

Sourcing Change Management

Image of Sourcing Management

SIG University Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program graduate Larry Trawick shares how excellent communication is vital in ensuring success and how important it is to incorporate effective change into your sourcing practices.

Larry Trawick, Senior Sourcing Analyst, Polaris Industries

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Desmond Williams, Digital Marketing Manager