The Year's Best Articles in Future of Sourcing Digital

Read the best-performing sourcing and procurement articles from 2019.

2019 was an amazing year for sourcing. We witnessed greatness as the Future of Sourcing Awards showcased some of the most innovative projects, individuals and teamwork the sourcing industry has seen. The pages of Future of Sourcing, SIG's sourcing and procurement thought leadership publication, gave great insight into trends and best practices of the year as well. Below are the top articles of 2019 from Future of Sourcing that you don't want to miss. I hope these give you inspiration and motivation to innovate processes and implement change inside your organization in 2020.


How Digital Technology Will Transform Talent Acquisition

Today, intelligent automation and machine learning are boosting productivity and optimizing a wide range of back-office operations. How are these emerging technologies changing the way we find talent? Helen Castor gives us some insight.


6 Best Practices for Successful Last Mile Delivery

The growth of e-commerce is fueling the parcel delivery market. Learn more about best practices in the crucial stage of the delivery: the last mile.


Your Definition of Spend Under Management is Wrong

Many managers define the term 'spend under management' differently. This leads to a heap of problems – all stemming from an ineffective procurement strategy. So how can they get back on track?


The Introduction of Social Media Recruiting

Social media has revolutionized talent recruitment. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks social media has had on the practice of talent acquisition.


Make Business Better with Ethical Sourcing

Making ethical sourcing a focus of your supply chain management program can keep you out of the courtroom, keep your customers engaged and even help with talent acquisition and management. Gain insight into the benefits of ethical sourcing practices.


The Value of Women and Diversity in Global Procurement

Karinna Swette of Oliver Wyman discusses a recent study released by Oliver Wyman and the benefits of having more women and diversity in our industry.


If I had a crystal ball and could see into the future, I could say the topics featured above will still be top of mind in 2020. Future of Sourcing Digital will continue to be a go-to news source where you can find the latest tips, trends and what is on the horizon in our industry.

Hailey Corr, Senior Marketing Professional

Hailey is the former Content Manager for Future of Sourcing and SIG. In her time at SIG, she was also the in-house yoga instructor for the Global Executive Summits. Hailey’s professional background includes sales, data analytics, social media marketing and customer relations.  Hailey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and Dance from the University of Colorado at Boulder.