Understanding The Importance Of Outsourcing

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SIG University Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program graduate Kaila Flynn shares how this course has challenged her thinking and understanding of sourcing in order to develop a better understanding of the sourcing and procurement world.

Over the past ten weeks, I have participated in the Certified Sourcing Professional certification cohort. This coursework has been both insightful and challenging. As a newcomer to the Sourcing and Procurement industry, I found the content very thought-provoking. I challenged my thinking about the process of sourcing as a whole. I feel better equipped to advance in my role and aid members in this industry.
Though there were several weeks that I found the content more relatable than others, I particularly enjoyed the coursework in week 4, relating to Supply Chain and outsourcing. Before taking this course, I was in the dark regarding supply chain issues and how much of an impact Outsourcing played in modern-day business. Like the average consumer, I was not thinking of what I was buying, where it came from, or how it got here. I was only concerned about the price and getting the most for my money.
The same applied to business transactions and purchases I made while working for other organizations. Outsourcing as a strategy makes sense for the modern industry looking to be cost-effective and still deliver a timely product. I see using outsourcing as a strategy in future business and personal decisions. Whether using a vendor to help with event set up, supply food, provide lighting, etc. All these outsourcing methods can help our company reach a higher level of productivity while being mindful of a budget.
Week six was also full of helpful content that provided new insights into Benchmarking and how it can be used as a best practice method. In a previous role, we had a standard for business practices. Still, they waivered, often causing confusion and communication breakdown amongst our team. Taking this coursework on benchmarking has solidified the importance of setting multiple standards to continue to grow and develop in this new role with SIG. Process benchmarking will be particularly helpful for me in my current sales role. 
Setting up processes that work and analyzing what has worked for other coworkers will allow me to be successful and continue building relationships within the SIG network. Strategic benchmarking is another category that will be useful when analyzing competitors in our market to determine how to better enhance our success at SIG. In my current role, I could also tie this strategic benchmarking to process benchmarking to be sure I am continually educated on what our competitors are doing in the market. 
The final benchmarking standard that I will apply in my role as a sales executive is performance benchmarking. Success in sales is often tied to performance, and setting a measurable standard for numbers to 'hit' can aid in achieving company and personal goals. Because I like to see a number as I accomplish a dream, I am most excited about implementing this benchmark into my work. Though these are only three benchmarking standards, they must apply to my current role.
Having never worked in the Sourcing or Procurement field before coming to work at SIG or taking a certification course, I was very nervous that I would get lost in the content. I am pleased that each week's lesson was easy to follow, the material was laid out clearly, and the classmate engagement aided in absorbing this material. I look forward to returning to work with this new information and a much broader vocabulary on sourcing!

The Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) Program is a 10-week course that focuses on the hard and soft skills of sourcing, including strategic sourcing and outsourcing methodologies, as well as best practices in negotiations.


Kaila Flynn, Sales Executive, Sourcing Industry Group

Kaila graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2014 with a B.S. Degree focusing on Human Resources and Public Affairs. Having a true passion for relationship building, Kaila made a career in Sales and Business Office Management. It is through this relationship building and networking that Kaila found SIG, and recently made the switch to the Sourcing and Procurement field in May of 2022. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge of this space with the help of SIG University.