Taking Your Supplier Diversity Initiative Beyond The “Because It’s There” Stage

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On his third attempt to conquer Everest, George Mallory was asked why he was climbing the 29,008-foot peak. His response was, "because it is there."

What does a 1924 quote about climbing Mount Everest have to do with your supplier diversity initiative? It is a fair question.

To start, supplier diversity is not a new challenge. While the origin of today’s diversity efforts began with the civil rights movement in the 1950s, it was not until the race riots in Detroit in 1968 that General Motors launched what many consider to be the first supplier diversity program. Soon after GM, other auto industry giants and companies from different sectors, such as IBM, followed suit by introducing their diversity programs.

The second point, which is the focus of this post, is why, since its inception, supplier diversity success has evolved at what some consider to be a glacial pace and what you can do about it.

At the Foot Of The Mountain

“I'm an ordinary guy who has been fortunate enough to have some very extraordinary experiences, both personally and professionally. In my most recent book, I share my journey to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and the struggles to reach the highest point on the African continent. Along the way, I learned a great deal about myself, my team, and what it takes to overcome big challenges. You can join me on my Kilimanjaro adventure in the pages of Kissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving it All on Top of Africa.” - Daniel Dorr

Have you ever stood at the foot of a mountain? For me, that question is more literal than figurative, but you can envision what I mean.

There is both a sense of awe and, to a certain degree, intimidation when considering the challenge of reaching the summit. When it comes to knowing, growing and expanding a supplier diversity program, an October 2022 article by my associate, Alex Ball, speaks to this sense of awe and challenges experienced by most organizations.

According to Ball, “61% of CEOs are engaged in supplier diversity, yet most organizations lack processes and accountability to ensure program success.” Some might even suggest that their programs remain stuck at the foot of the mountain at “base camp level.”

To move beyond the "mountain's base" and the "we have to do it because it's there" stage, Supplier.io is teaming up with Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) to interview the top twenty percent of companies that have reached or are reaching the pinnacle of supplier diversity success.

From this collaborative effort, we will share with you the unique insights and practical steps these “leaders” have and are continuing to take to elevate their programs to the highest level of successful outcomes.

A Trusted Guide

More than anything, I want you to consider this to be your ultimate guide enabling you to navigate the struggles and challenges you will face to overcome your obstacles so that you can plant your flag at the top of the supplier diversity mountain. And trust me when I say this – the view from the top is spectacular and well worth the journey.

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Daniel Dorr, VP of Marketing, supplier.io

Daniel is a customer-focused, data-driven, results-oriented marketing executive with extensive experience leading marketing teams at both established and growing organizations.