SIG Speaks Weekly Briefing - November 4

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Learn Essential Capabilities for Modern Procurement and Finance

Most procurement and finance organizations struggle with data quality and visibility. Even the most sophisticated teams still find themselves stuck in a reactive mode. This eBook explores some of the technology trends and business practices that are helping to define a new, strategic role for procurement.

This Month at SIG

Take a dive into the Summit Anthology and Resource Guide to map your strategy for the coming year, catch up on some industry research, learn more about our new industry partnerships, with PeopleTicker and Spend Matters, and check out one of the many webinars happening this month.

Talking to Your Tail Spend: Chapter 1 - Why Don't You Call

When we talk about problematic tail spend, what we’re really talking about is unapproved supply sources. But tail spend is a cuter name.

Future of Sourcing Articles

Generally, there are four common mistakes that organizations make relating to real estate spend. Read more about some best practices for overcoming these mistakes

Read more about how seeking out and partnering with staffing suppliers who can champion and execute the desired candidate experience and could be the answer to MSPs seeking the highest quality of talent.

Thought Leadership Webinar

Join Workspend at 1pm on November 5 for a webinar that will review at a modular level how the traditional solution suite offered by a Managed Service Provider (MSP) will evolve as a result of adopting a digital procurement strategy.


The SIG Peer2Peer program allows members to crowdsource best practices on topics specific to their needs. Members can leverage the experience of other industry professionals by posing questions to the greater SIG community on issues they are facing within their organization. Below are the latest inquiries that you are invited to respond to. If you're not a SIG member, submit your response to Mary Zampino:

Music on Hold Services - Help a SIG member from the buy-side in the retail banking industry find assistance in sourcing Music on Hold services.

Career Network

If you are looking for a new job or hoping to fill a position, please check out the SIG Career Network.


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Hailey Corr, Content Manger

Hailey is the Content Manager for Future of Sourcing and SIG. She is also SIG’s in-house yoga instructor for the Global Executive Summits. Hailey’s professional background includes sales, data analytics, social media marketing and customer relations.  Hailey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and Dance from the University of Colorado at Boulder.