SIG Speaks Weekly Briefing - May 13

Here's your weekly update on the latest thought leadership, networking events and training with SIG. 

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Procurement and Supply Chain

Read how GEP is breaking down some of the essential AI concepts and showcasing the game-changing applications that they believe are most relevant in procurement and the supply chain.

New eBook on Supplier Risk

Your suppliers’ risks are your risks. It’s time to develop a comprehensive risk management program that protects your brand, customers, and bottom line in a world where global supply chains are symbiotically intertwined and interdependent.

Western Regional SIGnature Event

Join SIG and top industry leaders May 16 for a full day of top-notch thought leadership. The stars of the western part of the United States are coming together in Bellevue, Washington.

Latest Future of Sourcing Articles

As a business leader you get 360s, so why doesn’t the business you lead? Mark Teitell, of The Trium Group gives, insight into the benefits of doing a similar process for your business.

Future of Sourcing continues the "Women in Global Sourcing series" with Kimberly Blair. Kim has played leading roles on both Direct and Indirect Procurement and Sourcing teams, as well as Logistics, Planning, Inventory Control and Manufacturing Operations across multiple industries and enjoys leading teams through periods of growth and change.

Complimentary eBook

Artificial Intelligence is the topic of many business conversations where the fantasy is often of intelligent robots doing more work with less time and resources. Not all of the promises related to AI are unfounded. Read this eBook to learn how AI’s potential can transform procurement.

Peer2Peer Inquiries

The SIG Peer2Peer program allows members to crowdsource best practices on topics specific to their needs. Members can leverage the experience of other industry professionals by posing questions to the greater SIG community on issues they are facing within their organization. Below are the latest inquiries that you are invited to respond to. If you're not a SIG member, submit your response to Mary Zampino:

Employee Benefits -Telecommuting Allowances

Share insight on your experience in expense policies for employees working remotely.

Career Network

If you are looking for a new job or hoping to fill a position, please check out the SIG Career Network.


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Hailey Corr, Content Manger

Hailey is the Content Manager for Future of Sourcing and SIG. She is also SIG’s in-house yoga instructor for the Global Executive Summits. Hailey’s professional background includes sales, data analytics, social media marketing and customer relations.  Hailey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and Dance from the University of Colorado at Boulder.