SIG Speaks to Sarah Scudder, President, Real Sourcing Network

Sarah Scudder will present at the SIG Procurement Technology Summit

What is your role and what are your day-to-day responsibilities?

As president of Real Sourcing Network (RSN), I oversee our growth, strategy and marketing. I strive to provide useful content and actionable tips to help companies better manage their print and marketing spend.

What is something that you wish more people knew about sourcing and procurement?

Procurement is invaluable. The COVID-19 crisis has shown the world that healthy supply chains are essential. Procurement is no longer a profession where people just cut costs and write POs. It now plays a strategic, visionary and creative role that is an essential part of a company’s (and our country's) success.

Procurement does not yet have a seat at the executive table in many organizations, but with the right leadership in place, it has the potential to become a more valued and revenue-generating function. Accomplishing this is a challenge and is a great reason for ambitious people to choose procurement over other more well-known careers. I have a bias toward marketing services procurement. I think it’s super challenging, fun and has the most potential for making an impact!

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In your opinion, what are 3 skills that sourcing and procurement professionals of tomorrow must have?

  • Be a great salesperson
  • Have a passion for change and disruption
  • Research and data analysis

What does the future of sourcing and procurement look like to you?

1) Companies will hire procurement professionals with good interpersonal skills who can build relationships, sell and drive change. These people skills are more valuable than technical sourcing skills because technical skills can be learned.

2) Companies will implement more niche category solutions (like our Sourceit tool for sourcing print and marketing services) rather than trying to use one general system to do everything. Niche category solutions allow buyers to go deep into a category and provide tools that solve specific needs. These niche solutions can coordinate with broader systems to cut POs, manage AP and track data.

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Sarah Scudder, President, Real Sourcing Network

Sarah Scudder is president of Real Sourcing Network (RSN), a print and marketing sourcing tool software company. Sarah Scudder has spunk. Sarah Scudder is a go-getter who has gone out and got. Proof? Sarah is the youngest executive to ever serve on the board for the Print Services and Distribution Association (PSDA). Sarah is the brainchild behind ProcuRising, the cutting edge magazine that gives voice to industry leaders, writers, and entrepreneurs in the marketing and procurement space.

Sarah hosts thought leadership ProcuremenTalks around the country and coordinates events for the Global Women Procurement Professionals (GWPP). Sarah speaks at several annual sourcing industry events and hosts multiple webinars. She also co-authors a column for the Sourcing Industry Group (SIG)’s Future of Sourcing publication and Institute of Supply Management (ISM)’s “Inside Supply Management” newsletter. Awards? Sarah won the Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) Future of Sourcing Rising Star award. Sarah is a winner of the North Bay Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 award. Sarah won the Print+Promo’s Trailblazer Under 40 award. Sarah also won the Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA)’s Member of the Year award. But none of the above matters.  What matters is that Sarah Scudder treats everyone with respect, and it is her desire to make the world a better place. She is well on her way.