SIG Speaks to David Bittner, Pre-Sales Director, Icertis

David Bittner will present at the SIG Procurement Technology Summit

What is your role and what are your day-to-day responsibilities?

As a Pre-Sales Director at Icertis, I am a solution consultant. I work collaboratively with companies to understand their unique business challenges and uncover the specific value Icertis solutions will provide. Often, I explain and demonstrate the “art of the possible.” Many folks think of contract software solutions in terms of a module or repository with authoring tools, and I help them see the bigger picture of the true value an enterprise-level contract management system can provide.

What is something that you wish more people knew about sourcing and procurement?

For folks outside of sourcing and procurement organizations, I wish more people knew how critical the sourcing and procurement functions are to a business. The contracts that sourcing and procurement professionals deal with every day govern every dollar spent and are essential to optimizing the business and accelerating commerce. But it’s not only about the dollars, cents and saving money. It’s also about reducing risk by working with the right suppliers with mutually beneficial terms and ensuring that everything is captured and tracked in contracts. I see sourcing and procurement as a longer-term, strategic function, not just tactical.

In your opinion, what are 3 skills that sourcing and procurement professionals of tomorrow must have?

I think the most successful sourcing and procurement professionals of tomorrow must be able to move beyond the tactical and think strategically. They’ll need to embed themselves into the overall goals of the business. It starts with the ability to embrace digital transformation and automate as much as possible, which will free up time to use real skills, talents and be more creative. Critical thinking and creativity will be important skills to have in the future.

  • Ability to lead in innovation through digital transformation – Manual contracting processes are the way of the past. In order to keep up with modern-day demands, sourcing and procurement teams must be leaders in innovation and champion technology to transform archaic processes.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with internal teams and external suppliers – Clear communication without having disparate sources of information is key to collaborating across global enterprises and improving relationships with suppliers in order to accelerate important partnerships.
  • Ability to holistically manage risk through having a single source of truth in contracting – Sourcing and Procurement teams are faced with many challenges including missed obligations, fines, penalties, maverick contracting. When they have visibility into contracts across fragmented teams, these risks can be managed and mitigated.

What does the future of sourcing and procurement look like to you?

In the future, I believe that sourcing and procurement will become much more automated as more and more companies embrace digital transformation, artificial intelligence and new technologies. But that does not mean that sourcing and procurement professionals will be replaced by bots! It means that this function will become more strategic in nature, and suppler relationships will become more interconnected and reach new levels. I also think that there will be an increased focus on sustainability and mutually beneficial outcomes, and less focus on short-term savings.

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David Bittner, Pre-Sales Director, Icertis

David is a subject matter expert in SaaS based solutions for Contracting, Vendor Management and Source to Pay automation. His career has spanned over 20 years in software application support, implementation and solution consulting roles. As a Pre-Sales Director at Icertis, David works collaboratively with potential clients to understand their unique business challenges, uncover the specific value Icertis will provide, articulate that value, and demonstrate the Icertis solution. David most enjoys sharing ideas & industry practices learned from his Best-In-Class clients to help make you successful.