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Managing Artificial Intelligence Technology Risk

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SIG University Certified Third-Party Risk Management Professional (C3PRMP) program graduate Senthil Jagadeesan shares how important it is to manage the risk associated with artificial intelligence.


Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional (C3PRMP) Program from SIG University covered all areas of third-party risk management. It provided practical tips and guidance to tackle today’s challenges from Third-party risks. I have more than 15+ years of experience in the Banking & Financial Services industry. During this time, I have been involved in various regulatory projects and worked closely with Third Party Governance, Procurement, and Legal teams. In this essay, I would like to examine the technology risk area in general, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) risks in specific. Also, review the sources of AI risks, challenges faced by firms, specifically in Financial Services, in managing AI risks, and a practical approach to managing those risks.

Understanding the Problem

AI technologies and solutions are used in most industries, especially in financial services. Banks and financial firms use AI-based solutions or models to optimize their operations and remain competitive. However, many third-party vendors supply these services, which directly impact the AI-governed systems of banks or other businesses. Therefore, firms must understand how their business can be affected by AI-driven systems and how to manage the new and varied risks posed by third parties.

Senthil Jagadeesan, Head of Procurement Ops & Tech, Valley Bank