Procurement’s Vital Role in Building a Talent Forward MSP Program

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As we look into the future of contingent workforce management, and our vision of what a Managed Services Provider (MSP) solution should deliver, we must acknowledge that many of today’s MSP programs are broken and failing to deliver on their original promise. These legacy programs have become ineffective, pushing managers and talent into a broken process and creating endless frustration. To the point where, after having squeezed every last penny from the staffing supply chain, they are no longer delivering the best talent to the client.

We call today’s market reality “MSP v1.0” and in many programs it is represented by a command and control mentality where the MSP actively prevents staffing suppliers from speaking to the business managers who have created requisitions for new workers, enforces unrealistic pricing restrictions, and delivers an anemic value proposition through a burdensome and time-consuming process.

It is no wonder that many hiring managers are frustrated with their organization’s contingent workforce program, and as a result, many legacy MSP program stakeholders discover huge amounts of rogue spend taking place outside of their programs. We’ve even seen recent examples where procurement and HR stakeholders have become so disenchanted with their MSP program providers that they are actually considering taking the draconian step of shifting their programs in-house.

It is clearly time for a change.

Our vision of what an MSP should be is unique, and many would say disruptive, when compared to the traditional providers in the space. The primary objective of an MSP should be to ensure clients get access to the best talent, in the right time and place, for a fair price – regardless of source or worker classification. We call this enabling approach our “Talent Forward” methodology, and it is the foundation of our answer to the broken status quo.

There are four major elements in the Talent Forward solution, all designed to work together and provide clients with better access to talent. We’ll cover these concepts in more detail during our webinar with SIG on March 7. They are:

  • Staffing Supplier Enablement – Building a program where supplier partners are informed, excited, engaged and committed to delivering the best talent to clients.
  • Extended Supply Chain – Expanding and optimizing the mix of traditional and alternative talent suppliers, including SOW, service providers and online marketplaces.
  • Direct Sourcing – An outsourced recruiting solution, sometimes referred to as “RPO for contingent,” that leverages our client’s brand to build and engage a proprietary talent community.
  • Technology and Analytics – Streamlined process and real-time data capture across the enterprise program, robust analytics, and the resulting decision-making insights are the foundation of every technology-enabled service we deliver.

When deployed in a program environment built around open communication, transparency, and true partnership between a client and its talent supply chain – Talent Forward fulfills the vision of “MSP v3.0.” It is an enlightened and future-proof methodology that ensures organizations consistently attract and retain the talent they need in today’s challenging workforce environment, and tomorrow’s.

Procurement’s Vital Role

Labor is often the single largest cost center for a company, yet once you go beyond full-time employees it is often ignored. Procurement has a vital role in helping to optimize and manage this spend, and in today’s dynamic talent environment, procurement leaders have an opportunity to partner with their HR and Talent Acquisition colleagues, taking their workforce program to the next level by creating a comprehensive Talent Forward strategy.

To learn more, register for our upcoming webinar with SIG: Procurement’s leading role in workforce management on Thursday, March 7 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time.

In this session, we’ll explore: 

  • The importance of building relationships and aligning with key internal stakeholders
  • Discovering and understanding your current worker usage and spend
  • Crafting a vision of your future workforce and developing the strategic sourcing plan to deliver it to your organization
  • Optimizing your talent supply chain and procurement process, so that you’re efficiently fulfilling talent demand from the most appropriate talent suppliers
  • Expand spend under management to include talent suppliers like SOW, small services providers, online staffing that often fly under the radar
  • Best practices that are delivering total talent results today
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