This Month at SIG – November 2021

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As we charge forward into 2022,  procurement’s value proposition to the organization continues to grow. We have a host of resources, insights and events to help you deliver on procurement's new future. 

November SIGnature Events

After an amazing Global Executive Summit, the SIG team is hard at work to bring you our next in-person event of the year, our SIGnature Events. SIGnature Events are powerful one-day meetings in which buy-side practitioners benchmark with other organizations and network with colleagues facing similar issues. Delegates will learn and network throughout the day, then wind down the afternoon with a happy hour, casual one-on-one discussions creating long-term collegial relationships. 

Northeastern Regional SIGnature Event

Western Regional SIGnature Event

Eastern Regional SIGnature Event


Power Hour Webinars

Building Your Roadmap for Total Talent Management

Today, organizations need a scalable solution that enables global enterprise-wide workforce planning, a future-proof supply chain, improved compliance, better supplier management, an innovative way to engage talent, and data-driven decision-making in a way that hasn’t been possible before. 

During this webinar, Erika Novak, Head of Client Services at Utmost, will provide an overview of total talent management, why it matters, and how you can build a tactical roadmap to get started on this journey. 


How to Build Resilient Supply Chains to Overcome Sourcing Disruptions

Procurement and sourcing leaders are still feeling the effects of sourcing disruptions in the supply chain. How do you take the lessons learned from dealing with this in the past year and apply them to make adjustments for the future?

Join experts, including Coupa's CPO, Michael Van Keulen, as they discuss knowledge gained in sourcing as supply chains were realigned to pivot with disruption.


Catalyzing Cognitive Procurement: Ally with A.I.

The Future of Procurement will be shaped by AI’s promise to autonomously automate tactical, transactional processes while infusing strategic decision-making with analytical insights that create competitive advantage.  

Join this session to dissect & understand the strategies for harnessing AI’s transformative properties today, and future-proofing your path to the cognitive procurement of tomorrow.



Using Technology to Drive Successful Third-Party Risk Management.

Supply chain disruptions and raw materials shortages have pushed sourcing teams to identify and onboard new suppliers quickly, exposing them to even more risks.

Procurement experts from DocuSign and Spaulding Ridge will discuss how to leverage AI and other digital tools to conquer the challenges of managing third-party risks in this ever-changing environment. 



Featured Content from Industry Experts

10 Ways To Deliver Smarter, Better Procurement

After procurement teams faced numerous challenges in keeping their organizations afloat over the past year, CPOs are now faced with the question, "are you ready to lead?"

With the evolving business landscape, there is no such thing as ‘business as usual’ and procurement is encouraged to adopt a smarter, better approach to business spend management.

Download this paper and explore 10 effective tips for a smarter procurement journey


Transform Or Be Transformed

In 2021, SIG surveyed 100 procurement professionals from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations on digital transformation and the use of AI in procurement. This report examines key challenges faced with the digital transformation of the supply chain and their views on the potential for AI to offer practical or viable solutions. Download the insights.


Sustainable Procurement Barometer 2021

Developed jointly by EcoVadis and the Value Chain Innovation Initiative at Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Sustainable Procurement Barometer 2021 provides critical insights into the growing recognition that sustainable procurement is fundamental to building resilience throughout organizations and supply chains, mitigating risk and driving results.


Digital Disruption in Sourcing and Procurement

Procurement teams are often forced to rely on manual efforts or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to manage processes. Things like order-to-invoice matching can stave off value-leakage from bills with incorrect rates, services not consumed, expenses out of policy and the list goes on. With intelligent automation, sourcing and procurement teams can take back these functions while reducing their time spent on these processes.

This whitepaper, authored by industry veterans Lawrence Kane and Canda Rozier, provides easy-to-understand examples and use cases that show you how automation can raise the bar for the enterprise without being a data scientist or intelligent automation expert to realize the benefits.


Smart Solutions for Agile Procurement

Modern AI-powered agreement tools help procurement teams evaluate a broad base of contracts to identify risks, pinpoint opportunities for cost savings and provide rapid responses to sudden changes to the company’s ecosystem.

This whitepaper provides an overview of procurement challenges and presents an opportunity for today’s most ambitious teams to get ahead with smarter tools


GEP Spend Category Outlook 2021

The GEP Worldwide Spend Category Outlook 2021 report It’s a must-read report for all sourcing and procurement professionals, category managers, and supply chain leaders.

Check out the report for the global megatrends that will drive spend management and supply chain strategies this year and beyond.


Sourcing Industry Landscape Podcast

F is for Family: The SMC Squared Story with Dr. Patricia Connolly, Pt 2

Earlier this year, we sat down with Dr. Patricia Connolly, the CEO and Co-Founder of the leading IT talent provider, SMC Squared. Dr. Pat shared a bit about the company’s strategy and introduced us to the acronym used to describe their core values: FACE.

In this episode, Dawn and Dr. Pat dive deeper into the meaning behind the rest of the letters, build upon several of the other values SMC Squared strives to uphold and explore how they are maintaining the family-oriented inclusiveness the company was founded upon in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

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