This Month at SIG – March 2022

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2022 is already shaping up to further depend on procurement's expertise in transforming sustainable supply chains. We have a host of resources, insights and events to prepare you for procurement's transformation!

Procurement Technology Summit

Prepare yourself and your team for the future of business at the SIG Procurement Technology Summit April 4-6, 2022! Are you registered?

Get ready for amazing keynote sessions, a chance to engage and learn from the brightest industry experts, speed networking, and experience live solution deep-dives from best-in-class providers.


Future of Sourcing Awards

Do you hear that? That's the sound of the SIG Future of Sourcing Awards making a return! The FOS awards are held to honor and celebrate individuals and organizations that show innovation, leadership and transformation in critical areas to the sourcing industry. The next Awards will take place in Rancho Mirage, California, on October 19, 2022, the capstone evening at the SIG Global Executive Summit. Attendees will enjoy dinner, networking, entertainment and an awards ceremony delivered in the most innovative ways imaginable. This event will bring together some of the brightest minds, the best insights and the most relevant topics to create a truly remarkable experience.

Do you know a team or an individual that has made a successful impact toward moving our industry forward? Consider submitting a nomination to recognize their achievements with a Future of Sourcing Award! The team awards recognize companies who fundamentally influence the world of sourcing in new and innovative ways. The individual awards honor sourcing professionals who are not just implementing the latest techniques and methodologies but are also showing innovation, transformation and leadership.

To learn more about the Awards, including details on the awards categories and entry process, visit!

Power Hour Webinars

How to Unleash Agile Contracting to Scale Your Procurement Organization

Join Michael Mathews, College Purchasing Manager at Portland Community College (PCC), and Myles Van Leuven, Sr. Director of Customer Success at Agiloft, as they discuss how PCC scaled and streamlined its procurement with agile contract lifecycle management (CLM).


Advancing Inclusion and Diversity for Services Procurement

Thanks to evolving workforce priorities, organizations have made real strides in improving inclusion and diversity (I&D) efforts in their contingent labor programs. But when it comes to engaging talent through statements of work (SOWs), legacy approaches to diverse spend reporting remain the norm. How do you take advantage of best practices to upgrade your services procurement I&D strategy? In this session, Allegis Global Solutions experts will explore the answers.


The Superheroes of Procurement: Acquiring & Accessing Procurement’s Superpowers

Fulfilling the strategic potential of Procurement to transform organizational performance will require developing and deploying key traits that tap into the talent and technologies that will propel Procurement forward.

In this LIVE interactive session, a panel of procurement leaders will take a CPO’s perspective on how Procurement & Sourcing professionals can emulate these Superheroes to drive breakthrough performance and superior results in 2022 and beyond!


Learning Lab: Negotiation Strategies for Beginners

Learn the skills and strategies necessary to negotiate sourcing transactions. Choosing the right negotiation tactics can be intimidating or even overwhelming, but to ensure you're getting proper value, it's important to outline the hard and soft skills needed.


Sourcing For a Resilient, Sustainable Supply Chain

Join Nico Bac, Founder of Digital Procurement Now, and SIG’s CEO, Dawn Tiura, as they share a sneak peek of data from a survey of 100 sourcing practitioners and executives in buy-side roles conducted by SIG in partnership with Coupa.


Featured Content from Industry Experts

The Future of Procurement, Today: How leaders can seize the moment by digitizing procurement

SIG and Globality, the world’s only AI-powered Marketplace and Platform for B2B services, partnered to produce a study looking into why B2B services remain one of the greatest untapped opportunities to drive business value. The study results were presented to procurement leaders from leading global companies interested in learning how they can use digital transformation to gain a competitive advantage at a recent CPO & Executive Virtual Roundtable.

Download the full report for key findings from the survey and a summary of the benefits of digitization and how to overcome the main challenges procurement executives are facing during their digital transformation journeys.


Your Guide to Procurement and Supply Chain Success in 2022 

If the supply chain disruptions of 2021 have taught us anything, it’s that the rules of the game have changed — forever. Facing this fundamental shift, supply chain and procurement leaders need to know how to navigate an altered playing field and rethink their approach in 2022 to move forward in a never-normal world. Where to begin?

The GEP Outlook 2022 report explores global business trends and features seven critical leadership themes to help you proactively prepare for and power through the challenges ahead.


How will Sourcing for Outsourcing and Shared Services Change Going Forward?

Recently the Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) and DATAMARK, Inc collaborated on a short survey to look at the evolving trends and market perspectives for outsourcing and shared services post-pandemic.  The survey results were recently presented by Thom Mead, Director of Marketing for DATAMARK, at the SIG Fall Summit in Carlsbad in October 2021. 

For those unable to attend the discussion, the findings are covered in further detail in a whitepaper prepared for SIG members, which can be downloaded below.


2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Procure-to-Pay Suites

In the 2021 Magic Quadrant Report for Procure-to-Pay Suites, Gartner evaluated procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions from 12 different software vendors. Coupa placed furthest for completeness of vision and highest for the ability to execute in the Leaders Quadrant. Coupa received this position based on what we believe is our ability to help companies manage all types of spend across direct, indirect, and services.

Download this report to tap into Gartner's expertise.


How to Ensure Your Digital Procurement Transformation Program Delivers on the Promise

GEP's new whitepaper highlights the steps CPOs need to take to ensure their transformation plans don’t flop. In addition, get valuable advice on avoiding pitfalls with a top-down approach. Download today to know what you want from a digital transformation.


5 Steps to Building a More Sustainable T&E Program Today

The TripActions Sustainability Guide brings you a comprehensive look at the environmental challenges facing global organizations today and how enterprises can become agents of change at an individual and collective level with the right tools and information.

Download the guide to learn the five principles you need to guide your business’s journey towards sustainability


Digital Disruption in Sourcing and Procurement

Procurement teams are often forced to rely on manual efforts or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to manage processes. Things like order-to-invoice matching can stave off value-leakage from bills with incorrect rates, services not consumed, expenses out of policy and the list goes on. With intelligent automation, sourcing and procurement teams can take back these functions while reducing their time spent on these processes.

This whitepaper, authored by industry veterans Lawrence Kane and Canda Rozier, provides easy-to-understand examples and use cases that show you how automation can raise the bar for the enterprise without being a data scientist or intelligent automation expert to realize the benefits.


Sourcing Industry Landscape Podcast

Spend Matter’s Future 5 2021 – Featuring Circulor

Spend Matter’s has partnered with SIG for a 5 part podcast series to showcase this year’s Future 5 list – a group of newly emerged procurement technology start-ups that you should know about. Over the next two months leading up to our Procurement Technology Summit in April, we’ll be interviewing the founders of each featured company to find out what it means to be a Future 5.

First is Circulor – a supply chain visibility vendor that tracks minerals starting at the mine and continuing to the OEM using reporting data and statistical process-control methodology. Dawn sat down with Circulor’s Founder and CEO, Douglas Johnson‑Poensgen, to discuss how Circulor empowers businesses to achieve their ESG Goals. The need for new opportunities, approaches and tools in the Purchasing Strategy realm.

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