This Month at SIG – June 2021

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This month we host our June Microlearning Event, have a host of exciting industry research and webinars to keep you up to date.

June Microlearning by SIG University

Microlearning by SIG University is a two-hour immersive session for all levels of sourcing, risk and procurement practitioners.On June 10, renowned third party risk expert, author, and educator, Linda Tuck Chapman, CEO of Third Party Risk Institute, will lead a session on integrating strategic sourcing and third party risk management for high impact results. She will be joined by Tom Ciardiello, a strategic sourcing executive, who will present on the total financial impact of a deal from cost modeling to hidden cost & savings.

Join us for this opportunity to “ask the experts" and gain valuable insights based on tested and trusted methodologies.


Power Hour Webinars

Beyond ERPs: How Source-to-Pay Solutions are Changing the Game for Procurement

To manage complexities like the global pandemic, rapidly fluctuating customer demands, and changing regulation and compliance standards, procurement teams require a unified Source-to-Pay solution that offers:

  • Management of all spend and suppliers
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Collaboration and innovation across the supply chain
  • 360° supply chain visibility to mitigate risk
  • Seamless integration with other systems

Join Ivalua for a June 8th webinar hosted by SIG, where leaders in spend management solutions from RiseNow and Ivalua will share how best-in-class procurement organizations are using Source-to-Pay technologies to get ahead of the curve and build lasting supply chain resiliency.


Procurement In New Normal: How to Control and Optimize Your Spend Effectively

Most procurement teams are struggling to cope with and lack the technology to effectively manage and control the company’s spend while working remotely. This results in non-compliance and overspending.

Join Procurement Cloud for a deep dive session with Mohammed Kafil, Senior Product Manager, Kissflow Procurement Cloud, to learn how the right procurement platform can help you to monitor, control and optimize your spend effectively.


How Does Your Team Compare to Your Peers?

DocuSign surveyed more than 800 procurement professionals from around the globe, discovering their top priorities, the way they work, and the changes they have made in the past year. Join this fireside chat with DocuSign’s Head of Procurement, Frank Rey De Perea to hear:

Important business trends for procurement professionals and predictions about how the procurement profession will evolve.


Procurement for the Long Term – Keys to Success

how can you structure a contract to provide latitude to accommodate changes that have not even been contemplated yet?  What governance structure is needed to establish, maintain, and grow a relationship for over three decades?  Featuring Herb Wells, Managing Director for FedEx, and Bill Randag, President of DATAMARK, and moderated by Dawn Tiura, President of SIG, this webinar will explore the ongoing 31 year relationship between FedEx and DATAMARK, Inc.


Featured Content from Industry Experts


Check out the 2021 Coupa Benchmark Report to explore 16 powerful benchmarks across 6 critical areas to analyze your company's performance in:

  • Improving Operational Performance
  • Optimizing Spend and Cash
  • Reducing Risk

GEP Spend Category Outlook 2021

The GEP Worldwide Spend Category Outlook 2021 report It’s a must-read report for all sourcing and procurement professionals, category managers, and supplychain leaders.

Check out the report for the global megatrends that will drive spend management and supply chain strategies this year and beyond.


Smart Solutions for Agile Procurement

Modern AI-powered agreement tools help procurement teams evaluate a broad base of contracts to identify risks, pinpoint opportunities for cost savings and provide rapid responses to sudden changes to the company’s ecosystem.

This whitepaper provides an overview of procurement challenges and presents an opportunity for today’s most ambitious teams to get ahead with smarter tools.


 The Critical Connection Between Procurement and Tax 

Rapidly changing, increasingly complex tax compliance requirements threaten to diminish the value procurement transformations deliver to the organization if not addressed hand-in-hand. 

Gain a clear understanding of how the complexities of indirect tax calculations and related accounting requirements can be resolved. 


How to maximize ROI on Travel Spend 

As the world opens up and business travelers get back on the road, we’re not heading back to business as usual. As someone in charge of the finances for your company, how do you set an ROI target for travel spend in this current situation? 

This 31-point checklist will assist you in answering questions like these as you navigate the business travel resurgence.  


Sourcing Industry Landscape Podcast

A Fireside Chat with Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of PRO Unlimited

On this episode of the Sourcing Industry Landscape, Dawn sits down with Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of PRO Unlimited, to discuss his professional background, his long-term vision for the future of contingent workforce staffing at PRO and how technology fits into the contingent workforce program for 2021 and beyond.

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