This Month at SIG – December 2021

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As we brace for 2022,  the future of procurement is here. We have a host of resources, insights and events to help you deliver on procurement 3.0 

December Microlearning by SIG University

On December 8, experts from Majel Partners, Elizabeth Zucker and Angela Easterwood, will share an approach to identifying and selecting the best-fit KPIs for supplier relationship management strategies. That session will be followed by SIG University Faculty and Global Procurement Executive, Tom Ciardiello, who will lead an exciting deep-dive discussion on being an effective communicator. 

Join your sourcing, procurement, and risk management colleagues in this two-hour interactive virtual environment to be challenged with topics related to our industries!


A Flexible (and Fast!) Way to Get Certified Now

Did you miss our 2021 open cohort start dates and can't wait for 2022? We have fast-track and self-paced options for all programs if open cohort semester timings do not work for your schedule! Have a large group from your organization interested in taking the program together? We also offer closed cohorts for groups of 20 or more that can start when it is best suitable for your team, and volume discounts are available!

Power Hour Webinars

Maturing Procurement for a New Level of Value

As a procurement leader, you seek to improve spend management every day. So, how do you deliver increasing value to your organization in the face of growing expectations and complexity?

Jon Kesman and Lenevieve Pfizenmaier from Allegis Global Solutions will join Stacy McCarthy from PayPal to discuss applying technology to achieve optimal spend management.


How to Streamline Your Unorganized and Broken Procurement Processes

Procurement leaders worldwide are striving to drive operational efficiency and reduce costs in the new normal. Streamlining the unorganized and broken #procurement processes becomes all the more important.

Join Mohammed Kafil from Kissflow Procurement Cloud to learn how to streamline your procurement processes.


Sourcing & Sustainability - Gearing Up for Scope 3 Emissions

Sustainability will remain a top procurement priority for many years to come, and one of the biggest opportunities to make an impact is in reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Join Alan Holland, Founder & CEO of Keelvar, and John Muncey, as they explore Scope 3 emissions and their implications for procurement.



Featured Content from Industry Experts

5 Steps to Building a More Sustainable T&E Program Today

The TripActions Sustainability Guide brings you a comprehensive look at the environmental challenges facing global organizations today and how, with the right tools and information, enterprises can become agents of change at an individual and collective level.

Download the guide to learn the 5 principles you need to guide your business’s journey towards sustainability


How to Ensure Your Digital Procurement Transformation Program Delivers on the Promisetoday to 

GEP's new whitepaper highlights the steps CPOs need to take to ensure their transformation plans don’t flop. In addition, get valuable advice on avoiding pitfalls with a top-down approach. Download today to  Knowing what you want from a digital transformation.


10 Ways To Deliver Smarter, Better Procurement

After procurement teams faced numerous challenges in keeping their organizations afloat over the past year, CPOs are now faced with the question, "are you ready to lead?"

With the evolving business landscape, there is no such thing as ‘business as usual’ and procurement is encouraged to adopt a smarter, better approach to business spend management.

Download this paper and explore 10 effective tips for a smarter procurement journey


Transform Or Be Transformed

In 2021, SIG surveyed 100 procurement professionals from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations on digital transformation and the use of AI in procurement. This report examines key challenges faced with the digital transformation of the supply chain and their views on the potential for AI to offer practical or viable solutions. Download the insights.


Sustainable Procurement Barometer 2021

Developed jointly by EcoVadis and the Value Chain Innovation Initiative at Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Sustainable Procurement Barometer 2021 provides critical insights into the growing recognition that sustainable procurement is fundamental to building resilience throughout organizations and supply chains, mitigating risk and driving results.


Digital Disruption in Sourcing and Procurement

Procurement teams are often forced to rely on manual efforts or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to manage processes. Things like order-to-invoice matching can stave off value-leakage from bills with incorrect rates, services not consumed, expenses out of policy and the list goes on. With intelligent automation, sourcing and procurement teams can take back these functions while reducing their time spent on these processes.

This whitepaper, authored by industry veterans Lawrence Kane and Canda Rozier, provides easy-to-understand examples and use cases that show you how automation can raise the bar for the enterprise without being a data scientist or intelligent automation expert to realize the benefits.


Smart Solutions for Agile Procurement

Modern AI-powered agreement tools help procurement teams evaluate a broad base of contracts to identify risks, pinpoint opportunities for cost savings and provide rapid responses to sudden changes to the company’s ecosystem.

This whitepaper provides an overview of procurement challenges and presents an opportunity for today’s most ambitious teams to get ahead with smarter tools


Sourcing Industry Landscape Podcast

The Future of Purchasing Strategies, with Per Angusta and By.O Group

On this episode of the Sourcing Industry Landscape, Dawn speaks with Maurice Hamoir, Head of Business Development at Per Angusta and Etienne Marchadier, Business Unit Director- Procurement Strategies at By.O Group, about the need for new opportunities, approaches and tools in the Purchasing Strategy realm.

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