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Implications of Reputational Risk

Image of Third-Party Risk Management

SIG University Certified Third-Party Risk Management Professional (C3PRMP) program graduate Meshkat Rahman shares her systematic analysis of Reputational Risk with a methodical solution design process.

I have decided to partake in the certification of the C3PRMP course by SIG University as I have a growing passion for the topic of third-party risk management. I have learned various aspects of vendor risk management, which includes the types of risk, how to identify risks and their remediation plan, the importance of RACI and the role of various stakeholders, industry trends, and best practices. The list will go on. With this in-depth knowledge gained via this course, I can demonstrate a high proficiency level in the topic I am most passionate about. This will help me help my clients and my company in the future.

One of the topics that can be deemed simple and self-explanatory but possess a high value is reputational risk. In this article, I would like to dive deep into the topic of reputational risk and discuss its implications and how to apply the knowledge gained from this course in an organization. 

Meshkat Rahman, Senior Consultant in Risk Advisory, Deloitte