An Exciting Turn of Events in 2019

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Do you ever get that funny feeling in your chest, like butterflies, when you are really excited that something is about to happen? You know, when you can’t help but smile and feel a little giddy? Well, that is happening to me right now and has happened pretty much every single day since we started 2019. I am so excited about all the new changes we are bringing to SIG.

You Spoke, We Listened

I am thrilled to announce that we are going from over 35 live, networking events per year to four one-day events, while still hosting our two Global Executive Summits and Executive Immersion Training Programs (the next one is February 7 in New York City). After two years of going to cities all over the U.S. multiple times a year, you get to know the locals really, really well. And while the nearly three dozen annual events provided incredible benefits to our members, we realized that some of our “regulars” were not attending as frequently.

As a result, we met with our Advisory Board and called some of our SIG champions to brainstorm on how to best serve them. The big Aha! moment came when we heard that what mattered most to our members was not the location or frequency of the events, but rather the content and networking opportunities. Again and again, we heard that our members were willing to travel to a regional event for the right learning opportunities and to expand their Rolodex. (Ok…how many of you have NO idea what a Rolodex is?)  With this valuable insight from our delegates, we restructured our SIGnature Events and hope you’ll join us with your teams in one of these four regions in 2019:

What to Expect

The new Regional SIGnature Events are designed as exciting, one-day mini-Summits.” The day will commence with director-level and above attendees participating in an Executive Roundtable, while their teams spend the morning in a deep-dive learning exercise with an expert on a top-of-mind issue. For example, joining us in Minneapolis for the Midwestern Regional event in early March is Linda Tuck Chapman, who helped create the Certified Third Party Risk Management program for SIG University, and will teach your team about third-party risk in a workshop format.

The executives will join their teams at lunchtime, which will be followed by several executive buy-side presentations, a talk with an analyst and a number of short discussions or “SIG Talks,” (think Ted Talk-style discussions) by thought leaders. We will conclude the afternoon with cocktails and appetizers, allowing everyone to get to know their buy-side peers and learn more about the sponsoring providers’ solutions. We hope that you, and your boss, recognize the value of the “mini-Summit” format and bring your team to further expand networking and training opportunities for everyone.

It is our goal with these Regional SIGnature Events to help you connect to one another on a deeper level, learn from each other and also grow your professional network beyond your city limits. Since your team may be spread out across North America, take a look at our calendar and consider attending more than one event or divide and conquer with your team so you can get the best content from each, as it will be different from event to event. As a buy-side member of SIG, you have unlimited attendance at any of these events!

Next Steps

So now you know the feeling I have. I am so excited to roll this out and get people excited along with me! Everyone we have spoken to loves this new format and many have already made plans to attend with their teams. Please join them! If you’ll be flying in or traveling from out of town, we have recommendations on hotels for your team.  

If you’d like to present at any of these events, please contact us. These are going to be exciting events, and while they don’t replace the Summits, they will allow more people to get involved in the SIG community on a face-to-face basis. Bring your successes, problems and pain points to these events and let this larger network help you solve your problems or share in your successes. 

2019 is set up to be another great year at SIG. I hope to see every one of you online or in person soon. Visit our website to plan your trip, see the agenda and learn more about the event speakers.

Dawn Tiura, President and CEO, SIG

Dawn Tiura is the CEO and President of SIG, SIG University and Outsource and has over 26 years' leadership experience, with the past 22 years focused on the sourcing and outsourcing industry. In 2007, Dawn joined SIG as CEO, but has been active in SIG as a speaker and trusted advisor since 1999, bringing the latest developments in sourcing and outsourcing to SIG members. Prior to joining SIG, Dawn held leadership positions as CEO of Denali Group and before that as a partner in a CPA firm. Dawn is actively involved on a number of boards promoting civic, health and children's issues in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Dawn is a licensed CPA and has a BA from the University of Michigan and an MS in taxation from Golden Gate University. Dawn brings to SIG a culture of brainstorming and internal innovation.