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LavenirAI x SIG Procurement Metaverse Partners

LavenirAI x SIG Procurement Metaverse Partners

LavenirAI and SIG (Sourcing Industry Group) are excited to announce their new partnership as LavenirAI becomes the Procurement Metaverse Partner for SIG’s Global Summits. The partnership is a significant milestone for both LavenirAI and SIG as it highlights leadership in delivering Metaverse-ready technology to the Procurement world.

As the Procurement Metaverse Partner, LavenirAI will collaborate with SIG to bring cutting-edge technology to Procurement events, starting with the Procurement Technology Summit in Florida in April 2023. LavenirAI's technology will enable attendees to experience an immersive virtual environment that facilitates collaboration, engagement, and knowledge-sharing.

The partnership reflects the future importance of the Metaverse in professional development. As the world continues to shift towards remote work and virtual events, virtual training platforms like LavenirAI's are becoming more critical for professionals seeking to advance their skills and knowledge.

LavenirAI's partnership with SIG highlights its commitment to delivering the latest innovations and technologies to the Procurement profession. The partnership represents an exciting opportunity for LavenirAI to expand its reach and further establish itself as the leader in the Procurement training field.

The Metaverse has the potential to transform the way professionals learn and collaborate, providing an immersive and engaging environment that enables them to develop their skills and knowledge in a more interactive and efficient way. LavenirAI is at the forefront of this change, delivering Metaverse-ready technology for Procurement and helping professionals stay ahead of the curve, through on-going development opportunities.

Clive Heal, Founder & CEOFounder & CEO, LavenirAI