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Clearly and Effectively Communicating Change

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SIG University Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program graduate Constance Bryant shares an honest account of how the change from a grassroots process to a more sophisticated tool for a Source-to-Contract process went for her and her organization. 

The hardest part of showing value to an organization is debunking the myth that the traditional role of Procurement is to procure goods and services. We must have practical E-sourcing tools that allow us to be efficient. This will enable the organization to truly understand how the role of Procurement is evolving and the importance of the terms and conditions put into place to mitigate risk for the stakeholder and the organization. And we must create policies and processes that provide the guidelines to regulate sourcing activities. Based on this revelation, we must clearly and effectively communicate change as it happens.

When I began working with my organization, we needed an E-sourcing tool to manage our process, identify the correct stakeholders, and provide timely updates. We also needed formalized procedures. And our policy needed to be more robust to provide clear guidance. It also lacked consequences for rogue procurement purchases. At that time, we managed our process through email and Excel spreadsheets. It could have been more effective, and the stakeholders demanded more transparency, a written procedure, and an E-sourcing solution.

Constance Bryant, Procurement Consultant, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee