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SIG Speaks to Jon Kesman, Head of Procurement Solutions, Allegis Global Solutions

Jon Kesman presents at the SIG Procurement Technology Summit

What is your role and what are your day-to-day responsibilities? 

I am the Head of Procurement Solutions, Product and Strategy at Allegis Global Solutions. What that means is that I’m responsible for evolving our service offering and capabilities to ensure they are delivering optimal value to our customers. Day to day I spend time with our customers and internal teams to take in thoughts, perspectives and challenges, and in turn work to align those to what and how we’re delivering, all with a continuous eye on innovation.

What is something that you wish more people knew about sourcing and procurement? 

It’s so much more than just cost savings. Procurement has the potential to drive such strategic value – specifically in indirect/services spend, if organizations are willing to think differently about their approach. And to go a step further, it is possible as skills and technology have evolved to enable this.

In your opinion, what are 3 skills that sourcing and procurement professionals of tomorrow must have?

The first is an ability to understand and analyze data; the second is influencing skills; and the third is creativity.

What does the future of sourcing and procurement look like to you? 

Hopefully different from what it’s historically been. Far too many organizations still rely on antiquated processes and technologies that are not fit for purpose. In the future that I envision, there is an increased receptivity to challenge the way procurement has always been done and the role that procurement professionals play. Lots of organizations have already gone this route, but across the board I believe there is a high degree of immaturity toward the management of the total spend portfolio.

Jon Kesman, Head of Procurement Solutions, Allegis Global Solutions