Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact On Procurement and Supply Chain

Within a highly competitive field of profound technology innovations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is clearly at the head of the pack. It’s frequently recognized as the technological forerunner when it comes to revolutionary levels of enablement. Its potential power and influence is far reaching across verticals and functions. From finance to pharmaceuticals, logistics fleets to CRM – AI is impacting almost every layer of the modern organization.

This has not gone unnoticed by lines of business leading from the operations floor right up to the C-suite, which is increasingly acknowledging the magnitude of opportunity surrounding AI, as well as the processes, platforms and risks that underlie it.

Procurement and supply chains, along with the wealth of data they generate, are both ripe to leverage the efficiencies and insights afforded by AI, and in some cases already are. However, the level of ambition, capabilities and change required to get the most from the technology can appear challenging.

Through this paper, we intend to break down some of the essential AI concepts and showcase the game-changing applications that we believe are most relevant in procurement and the supply chain. We have engaged leaders across procurement and technology from a range of sectors, as well as experts who are developing the implementation tools enabled by AI, to present an overview of where this technology could lead sourcing and logistics.

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