A 360 View of IT

Date :March 30, 2016 07:00 pm EST
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Outsource, Alsbridge

Today’s sourcing professionals must apply high-level vision together with rigorous attention to detail to deliver business effectiveness and operational efficiency. This requires a sourcing strategy that delivers the right mix of providers with the right capabilities, and takes full advantage of market trends and rapidly emerging technology innovations.

Challenges include managing increasingly complex multi-vendor service delivery models, tracking assets and licenses and ensuring that outsourcing is delivering an optimal return on investment.

This interactive web-based discussion will examine how sourcing professionals can achieve a “360 degree” view of their enterprise by focusing on these six questions:

•Does our sourcing strategy align with business requirements?
•Is our IT, network and telecom spend aligned with market standards?
•Are we leveraging emerging service models and technology innovations?
•Do we have transparency into our hardware, software and digital asset licensing agreements?
•Do we have transparency into our managed services and third-party relationships?
•Are we achieving long-term value from sourcing model?

The presenter will outline why these questions are important, how to address them and what actions to take based on the answers. Takeaways will include a framework for prioritizing management tasks and insight into how to combine a long-term business vision together with a laser-like focus on identifying and seizing immediate opportunities to reduce costs.

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