The 2023 Coupa Business Spend Management (BSM) Benchmark Report

As procurement and sourcing leaders, you currently face a barrage of global economic disruptions while under mounting pressure to keep your seat at the table, and deliver sustained savings to support cost-reduction initiatives.

To withstand these challenges, you must prioritize platform investments that maximize business value and help you track progress against accurate industry benchmarks.

The 2023 Coupa Benchmark Report can help you—featuring 20 powerful metrics based on actual spend transactions on a platform with US$4T+ of cumulative global business spend under management. You will gain:

• Insights into critical KPIs for successful business spend management (BSM) digital transformation initiatives

• Data-driven perspectives on where procurement and sourcing leaders stand within the global community and how to optimize your processes as needed

• Views of how organizations run best-in-class BSM to deliver profitability, performance, and purpose