January 15, 2015
2:00pm EST

A Case Study: How Effective Risk Management Drives Global Supply Chain Optimization

Presented by Hiperos


As one of the world's largest providers of commercial real estate services, JLL serves more than 4,500 corporate, public sector and institutional customers in 75 countries and manages a complex, global supply chain of well over 50,000 suppliers.

Placed in the context of new, broader compliance dynamics, a host of regulatory environments, and a myriad of ever changing customer expectations, JLL envisioned a platform for increased consistency and more effective supplier management best practices around the world.

Join JLL and Hiperos as they share how JLL is leveraging automation to improve productivity, ensure effective risk management, strengthen relationships with their supply base and capture a competitive advantage on a global scale.

You will learn:

How JLL is operationalizing their strategy within their supplier base.

How to leverage spend on risk to increase efficiency and ease of doing business

How to leverage information into intelligence that can inform and ultimately drive action

How automation can enable customized service delivery