Integrating Supplier Risk Management into Your Procurement Processes

Date :October 25, 2018
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Managing supplier risks is a significant challenge in today’s highly globalized supply chains. As your sourcing and procurement teams play more strategic roles in business growth and sustainability, real-time supplier risk insights need to be fully integrated into your procurement processes.


Attend this SIG webinar sponsored by SAP Ariba and learn how you can integrate supplier risk management into your procurement processes.

Industry insiders will share best practices, solutions, and tips on assessing, monitoring, and reducing supplier risks, including:

  • The importance of smart, secure risk intelligence that can guide your source-to-settle processes 
  • What it takes to fully integrate real-time supplier risk insights into your procurement processes
  • How to proactively monitor supplier risk with SAP Ariba’s Supplier Risk solution



  • Harold Good: Procurement Advisor, Futurist and Influencer. Procurement Pros Group LLC.
  • Kristen Jordeth: Go-to-Market Director, Supplier Management Solutions, SAP Ariba


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