AI, Robotics and a Look into the Future

Date :October 03, 2017
Presented By:
Allegis Global Solutions

Machine Learning, just one aspect of Artificial Intelligence, is changing the staffing industry as we know it. In order to stay ahead of this data demand, Allegis Global Solutions is excited to announce a new partnership with Brightfield Strategies. Allegis Global Solution’s ACUMEN Workforce Intelligence domain and data expertise, together with Brightfield’s Talent Data Exchange technology will enable its client’s full visibility, faster placement process and greater ROI reporting. Machine learning technology is able to take into account millions of factors to answer complicated contingent workforce questions with unparalleled speed. Historically, analyzing the many dimensions and unstructured data required an extensive manual process. Now, due to the technology put forth by Allegis Global Solutions and Brightfield Strategies the process is entirely automated. Machine learning empowers program leaders and allows them to process and analyze data in real-time. 


Join Allegis Global Solutions for an interactive webinar on October 3rd at 1PM ET exploring A.I. and Robotics.