Agility, Responsiveness, and Strategic Value- Implementing a Next Generation Operating Model; A NetApp Success Story

Date :September 20, 2018
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Procurement’s charter offers access to almost all functions of a business and, along with that reach, the ability to significantly influence a company’s bottom line, risk profile, and innovation contributing to accelerated revenue growth. This is exactly why many organizations are seeking to optimize their procurement functions and are now turning to procurement to deliver more and to act as a strategic business partner.

So, how do companies best adapt to harness this potential? The key is shifting from a reactive, tactical approach to one that leads from a proactive, strategic mindset. NetApp’s Indirect Procurement Organization made the shift and now spends 80% of their time on strategic value-add activities, while execution has been segmented and operationalized to deliver the best end-user experience.

Learn about the evolution of the NetApp team and the elements they implemented to transition from a tactical execution team to strategic business partner. We will discuss:

  • Centralized intake model
  • Operationalize execution for sourcing and contractig
  • Developing strong Management and Strategic Capabilities in house
  • Supporting technology
  • Change Management