4 Things Every Stakeholder Wishes Procurement Knew

Date :July 25, 2017
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Denali - A WNS Company

Great news for Procurement- we are getting our seat at that table!  But, as Procurement continues to penetrate and impact more spend and gain more influence within the business, stakeholders outside of Procurement are struggling with the process. Most procurement teams struggle when interacting with new stakeholders and departments for the first time. 


How can we make it easier on our stakeholders?  How do we effectively align without falling into common pitfalls and traps? Taking the right approach and speaking the language of your stakeholders is the first step, but there is more to the story. Join us for a webinar on July 25 to learn: 


  • How to overcome resource and time constraints when procurement is taking on more projects  
  • Common challenges when working with a new department for the first time and how to overcome them 
  • Phrases and promises to avoid when working with certain departments, including Marketing, HR, and Legal 
  • Ways to view the conversation from your stakeholder’s perspective and become more client-friendly