The 4 C’s of a Successful Spend Assessment Project

Date :September 19, 2017
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Denali - A WNS Company

Analysis paralysis is one of the major reasons that procurement transformations stall before they even get started. Too often, procurement projects and savings goals don’t reach their full potential. A primary reason is a lack of clean spend data to build a successful foundation for the program. And even if the data are clean, most procurement organizations tend to keep their data cards close to the vest, and stakeholders rarely have access to the data to drive better business decisions. 

Achieving cleaner spend data and opening that data up to the organization will almost always trigger a call to action, or a series of actions, that can lead to positive outcomes for procurement and the broader organization. Join us Sept. 19 @ 1pm EDT/10am PDT for a webinar to learn: 

  • Methods for overcoming inadequate spend data
  • Ways to provide better visibility into the data
  • Tips for leveraging the data across the organization and aligning with stakeholders
  • Examples of ongoing efforts to support and maintain the data for long-term success